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Illustration of people discussing brain health

Brain research: new insights for better health

The Age of the Brain

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Robot at home in Stuttgart

I, Robocare – robotic home help

“Shadow” arrived in his new home in Stuttgart, Germany, with a clear mission. To help two elderly residents aged over...

Robot in action

Five minutes with Dr. Renxi Qiu

Dr. Renxi Qiu is a robotics expert at the University of Bedfordshire,UK, who led the SRS (Shadow Robotic System)...

Gerdine Douma, researcher at the VU University in Amsterdam

TV for fitness and brains

Elderly people living in nursing homes near Amsterdam are watching television as part of a scientific study. They are watching...

Prof Vittorio Gallese

Prof Vittorio Gallese: discoverer of mirror neurons

Professor Vittorio Gallese is a brain scientist at the University of Parma and one of the discoverers of mirror neurons....

Image of a brain. Gestaltbar /

Good fat: can it build a healthier brain and delay dementia?

Fat has a bad name. Nutritional advice often instructs us to avoid fatty foods, and having excess fat in storage,...

Prof Tobias Hartmann

Five minutes with… Prof Tobias Hartmann, Professor for Experimental Neurology at the Saarland University


How did you get involved in brain research?

My research looks at how fats could be used to support brain health....

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Positive thinking for your brain

When you take a positive look at life, you probably feel a little happier. But did you know that a...

Prof Risto Ilmoniemi

Video recording the brain at work

As we think, listen to music or simply watch the world go by, bundles of neurons fire off signals in...

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