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Hello Brain • Research
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Illustration of people discussing brain health

Brain research: new insights for better health

The Age of the Brain

Documentary Trailer
Professor Sabina Brennan

Five Minutes with Professor Sabina Brennan

How did you get into brain research?

“I studied psychology in university as a mature student, and in my final year...

Professor Brian Lawlor

Five Minutes with Professor Brian Lawlor

How did you get into brain research?

“After I studied medicine in Ireland I trained as a psychiatrist and I worked...

Prof Ian H Robertson, Professor of Psychology, TCD

Five Minutes with Prof Ian H Robertson

How did you get into brain research?

“There was a programme on the television when I was growing up called The...

Professor Yaakov Stern

Five minutes with Professor Yaakov Stern

Yaakov Stern is Professor of Neuropsychology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is also a director in...

Illustration of two hands pulling a brain to represent neuroplasticity

Plasticise: Boosting plasticity

PVC is a hard brittle plastic until a chemical called a plasticizer is added to it, which makes

Professor Gabor Kovacs, Project Coordinator for the Develage Project, in Vienna.

DEVELAGE - the molecular view of aging

On the face of it, a brain developing in an embryo and a brain in an elderly person may not...

Illustration of a robot

The Human Brain Project: A virtual brain?

There’s a lot going on in your head right now. Neurons are busy firing, circuits are connecting and regions are...

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